Defining Success

blog-infographic-satisfactionThe definition of success is in the eye of the beholder. While the luxury vehicle and the house on the hill may be the end goal of some, healthy children or freedom to travel are motivators for others. In business, entrepreneurs strive for market control while others find contentment in a strong bottom-line or by minimal environmental impact.

ION’s success is defined by customer satisfaction. Happy and engaged clientele enable ION to prosper, so with 2017 fast approaching we set-out to confirm that we’ve made a difference. Our customer satisfaction survey was deployed in the final quarter of 2016 in anticipation that we would receive honest feedback regarding all areas of our business  – the respondents did not disappoint.

91% of those who responded said the quality of what they purchased was excellent, or above average
80% were extremely likely to purchase our services again
95% were extremely or moderately satisfied with the customer service at ION

The numbers and the comments were inspiring and even though the responses were not wholly positive, they were constructive, providing the catalyst needed to achieve 100 percent satisfaction.

“Craig is doing a great job of innovating and keeping ION ahead of the curve in an industry that is rapidly changing / dying.”

“Communication….if you can’t make a deadline request, let the customer know!”

“Service has been wonderful. We have been printing with ION Printing for our yearly charity calendar for the past 6 years. Finished product is good quality and delivered in a timely manner.”


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